Friday, December 9, 2011

Kuro beats Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD

The Sharp Elite is an LED backlit LCD panel available in both 60" (PRO-60X5FD) and 70" (PRO-70X5FD) sizes. The Sharp Elite is THX certified and it has 216+ LED local dimming zones. Back in January 2011 Sharp licensed Pioneer's "Elite" brand name which explains why the Elite logo on the bottom of the TV looks so familiar. CNET reviewed the Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD and compared its picture quality to the "legendary" 2008 Pioneer Kuro Elite. Here are some choice quotes from the review:

"The Kuro still produces a better picture overall"


"The only TV that's better is the long-discontinued Pioneer Kuro"


"You'll see better blacks from the Kuro"

CNET also said that the Sharp Elite's color accuracy fell short of the Kuro. It is amazing that 3+ years later no TV has matched the picture quality of the Kuro. Maybe 2012 will be the year that the Pioneer Kuro is bested? You can read the full CNET article here:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will the Kuro be dethroned in 2011?

Three years later the Kuro 9G is still the HDTV king of picture quality and black level. In the fast moving world of consumer electronics how is this possible? How long will the Kuro's reign last? I don't know but CNET has an article titled "Will any 2011 TV best the 2008 Pioneer Kuro?"
I agree with the author in that 2012 may be the year that the Kuro's performance is finally bested. Just think, the Kuro 12G would be released this year if Pioneer had stayed in the HDTV business. It makes you wonder what could of been.