Monday, December 1, 2008

Firmware Version

Below are the software firmware and hardware version numbers from a July 2008 build PDP-6020FD:

  • Software Version: 0901-0201
  • Hardware Version: 0x351
  • HMG Version: 02.00

Recently built Pioneer Kuro have been reported to be using the same versions. This means as of December 2008 no firmware bugs have been fixed. The Kuro 8G had a mid production firmware fix but since the Kuro 9G hasn't had one yet and its operation is fairly solid a future firmware update is unlikely.

In any case, the Kuro firmware is not user upgradeable and must be done by a certified technician.

Other than minor cosmetic items and the speaker positions, the only difference between the Elite and the non-Elite Kuro is believed to be firmware. So, theoretically a non-Elite Kuro could be upgraded to be an Elite Kuro simply via a firmware update. This would likely require some special equipment and the chances of Pioneer offering this are near zero.

Since the Kuro 9G runs Linux it is unfortunate that the interface isn't more open in a manner that would allow users to get inside and tweak their displays. The potential is enormous. I'm sure some amazing things could be done by creative users but such an open architecture would create a major support headache for Pioneer and it could reveal many proprietary secrets to how the Kuro operates. So, again, the chances of this happening are near zero.

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mrupor said...

It is just for reference:

In Europe the latest firmware

Model: PDP-LX5090H

Ver. 0907-0701
- The update adds DVB-T support for Norway

Ver. 0905-0601
- The update adds DVB-T support for Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and UK

Ver. 0904-0501
- Correction of time display difference when summer time is switched.
- Addition of user setting initialization function due to Boxer requirement.
- Correction of polarization menu in German:
waagerecht / senkrecht -> horizontal / vertikal

Ver. 0903-0401
- The update adds DVB-T support for Austria, Finland, France and The Netherlands
- Improvements were added in the German language terminology
- Polish language was removed

BTW, the defect: "Correction of time display difference when summer time is switched" present in US models too, (in the factory fimrmare you mentioned in you post)