Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5020/6020 Color Temperature

List of the color temperatures for the different AV modes of the Pioneer Kuro PDP-5020FD and PDP-6020FD models:

AV modes
  • Optimum 7500K but automatically changes
  • Dynamic 10000K
  • Performance 8600K with S-shaped gamma
  • Movie 6350K with a 2.3 gamma
  • Sports 10000K with S-shaped gamma
  • Game 8000K with a 2.2 gamma
  • Standard 8000K with S-shaped gamma
The Movie mode is the closest to the D65 standard and it has a decent gamma. Movie is the recommended AV mode to use on the Kuro 9G non-Elites.


Turbe said...

To access the 9G Non-Elite's Service Menu and adjust/calibrate the RGB Highs/Lows (gains/cuts), use ControlCAL:

You can also adjust the Side Mask Level/Color.

Erik said...

Another option would be to get something like the Onkyo 876 or 906 receiver that has the ISF calibration feature and adjust the RGB / gray scale settings there. The Onkyo 876 and 906 also have aspect ratio options that have black side bars.

A good question is where is the best place to perform the video RGB correction? Internally in the HDTV or externally in an ISF certified processor? With 36-bit xvYCC Deep Color does it even make a difference?