Monday, October 13, 2008

PDP-6020FD vs. PRO-151FD

How do the Pioneer PDP-6020FD and the Elite PRO-151FD differ? Both are 60" second generation Kuro 1920x1080p plasma HDTVs. They use the same electronics and the same 9G plasma panels so picture quality and major features are basically the same. Most of the differences are minor but one is very major:

  • the PDP-6020 has a bottom speaker while the PRO-151 has side speakers for better stereo separation
  • the PRO-151 has an aluminum plated, learning, backlit illuminated remote control
  • the PRO-151 an external color sensor for use with the optimum mode
  • video processing controls of the PDP-6020 have been removed so
  • the PRO-151 is ISFccc calibration ready with independent RGB gamma controls
  • DRE, black level, ACL, color space, color temperature, 3D Y/C comb filter, and 4 noise reduction controls have been removed on the PDP-6020
  • the PRO-151 has 3 more A/V selection memories
  • panel dimensions are the same without the detachable speakers, with speakers attached the PDP-6020 is 3" taller while the PRO-151 is 8" wider
  • the MSRP of the PRO-151 is $1000 more expensive
The most significant difference is the lack of configurability of the PDP-6020's video processing picture quality controls. Those firmware controls have been removed. So for an extra $1000 the picture quality of the PRO-151 can be calibrated and more finely tuned.

For current street prices check out the Pioneer Kuro 9G store.

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Morgan said...

Thanks for this! I was wondering what the difference is as the 151FD is so hard to find and super expensive these days. From your comparison, it sounds like the picture quality is pretty much the same, but custom configurations are exclusive to the 151FD.